{Code} [Blog] _Live_

{Code} [Blog] _Live_

{Code} [Blog] _Live_

What I do…


I work as a full time developer and project manager in Chemnitz, Germany. I code professionally since 2008 in different R&D fields mostly with Microsoft and web technologies. You can find some of my open source projects on Gitub.
My project Sin.Net is an open source collection of reusable NuGet packages and namesake for this page.


I don't tend to write neither much (nor regular) about myself or the things I do in private. But I hope to write at least one post per month.
So, I want to share some coding ideals that I think are important and worth to be written down. And I want to promote my open source projects, of course.


As you might see or read, I live in Chemnitz. Unfortunately, a really underrated city! At someday, I hopefully find enough time to share my experiences and snippets of my life. I can tell that Chemnitz is really lovely and a great place to live, to work and to see my children growing up.

Latest Posts
  • 08/11
    API Documentation with DocFX

    In the past days I have worked on auto generated code documentations for some of my projects. Luckily, all of these project types are written in C#, therefore I...

  • 07/29
    Advanced Logging

    An advanced and easy logging functionality is an often underrated topic in software technologies. But you should have a good logging feature when an application runs in a commercial or...

  • 07/19

    Greetings from my fresh new web page, blog, open source jekyll-based CMS. I was fooling around for months with CMS systems* and Jekyll templates - most of them were horrible.